Do you know price range of your clothing line yet or nah


all i know is that i spent $17,227.93 for my first shirt…so nobody better complain about the price of my shirt. if you don’t like the shirt or thinks it’s too pricey, here’s an idea…don’t buy it. *gasp*

it comes out august 2nd. real supporters will purchase it, so i’ll get to see who really holds it down that day. pricing people don’t understand that it all depends on the material etc. i decided to use.
the shirt will have reflective material on it so therefore it will glow up basically when you’re walking through the streets at night, 100% cotton, sewn on tag, it’s not a cheap shirt, it’s a sturdy shirt…

so if anyone has a problem with it i honestly honestly do not want to hear about the pricing. at all. not one word.